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Vodafone story - manual for TOAD - jen pro znale :-)

Hellou Chumaj

Q: "...explain step-by step the procedure to test..."
A: Upss - now a read testacases for this CR - this is VERY, EXTREMLY VERY detailed testaces. Nothig here start work with that detailed testaces... ...houhou ok

1. find on your HDD (Hard disk - medium with data in your PC) (PC=personal computer) program TOAD (this is utility for work with ORACLE database)
...more info on http://www.toadsoft.com/

2. start program TOAD.EXE in toad main program directory (from some disk comander like Total commander or from RUN or from cmd (cmd=command line))
...more info on http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/ntcmds.mspx?mfr=true

3. After start program automatical is open smal modal window (modal=is before all others windows) - in this windows set login parametrs for DB
...more info on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modal_window

4.User/Schema is CPDSC_OWN (...this is this first edit box on top right), database is "CPD_UAT2.WORLD" (this is edit box lower)
...more info on http://www.adp-gmbh.ch/ora/concepts/users.html

5. If you have not password or TNS Names - mail admins
...more info on http://www.bath.ac.uk/bucs/mis/install/oracle-tnsnames-info.shtml

6.After start is open very, very complicated screen. One tab - EDITOR. SUPR! For this testing is needed enable DBMS output. In this window goto to tab "DBMS Output" and enable it (standard is disabled). Enabled with click (LEFT MOUSE) on first button (button is small red circle). After enbled hen circle is red - yes - Great!
...more info on http://www.psoug.org/reference/dbms_output.html

7. One from more, more icon is SCHEMA BROWSER - find id
...more in TOAD help

8. Clik on this icon
...with LEFT mouse button - no RIGHT!

9. Supr! Is open new tab - "SCHEMA BROWSER" - great! And this main tab has more, more small tabs (second level). Find tab with name "PACKAGES" and click on this tab (LEFT mouse button!).
...more if in GOOGLE.COM (very gut search engine on WWW) (WWW = word wide web) type "oracle package" ...lavyouajscream

10. In this tab (PACKEGES ok?) Find procedure from testcases - in this testcases is sentence "OSK_SERVICE_PKG.WEB_1yearFreeSMSList". This is this procedure - yes this is small complicated but y explain.
10.1 In middle of this long string is dot-see? Yeah! Then sentence before dot is PACKAGE. Then find OSK_SERVICE_PKG in open toad tab (Packages ok). Great!
10.2 And this after dot is procedure name! Realy! Than in tab in toad (packaged remember) click (LEFT MOUSE BUTTON !) on package OSK_SERVICE_PKG. HA - betrayal! Nothing name - only SPEC and BODY. Ok - then click on SPEC - YESSSSSSS - more and more names! Great! And ONE FROM NAMES IS WEB_1yearFreeSMSList"? Yes" Is last! Haleluja!

11. And now complitely new feature - MOUSE RIGHT CLICK! Move mouse cursor (this moved point of screen) on name of this procedure and RIGH click on mouse (NO LEFT!!!!!). Ha - see? Completly new modal window! This si POPUP window. In this windows is on sentence "Execute procedure" - click on this sentence - but with LEFT - no RIGHT button on mouse! And now is open new modal window SET PARAMETERS.

12. In this window in left top window find testing procedure (remember still we working with WEB_1yearFreeSMSList) and in right top window parametr from testing accout from this CR (account we created in first step in testacse - CR 10661 - Pricing re-launch - T12 SC API Changes.doc).

13. Click (left) on button options (=squarte with english text OPTIONS) and check (=left click) first check box (checkbox is little empty square). Close this window with option (click on square with text "OK").

14. Name, parameters and options is set - AND NOW RUN THIS PROCEDURE - only click on OK! Small portion of time make nothing and then message box "Procedure complete" - GREAT!

15. Now look to first tab Editor (click with LEFT mouse button) and in tab DBMS output is result of this procedure! Compare result value with expected and if OK write this to testcase of not ok call/mail developer "Vaclav Hadra Va".

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