neděle 21. června 2009

Kronika našich pracovních hlášek - 1. díl - jen pro znalé

I found that Bhavna has a firm grip on her subject matters. She is skilled, dedicated and transparent professional.

I really appreciate her work and presence of mind.

Keep it up and maintain your sprits Bhavna!
Thanks a lot.


I am assigning CPE project installation CRs right now.
I am confident to do my all tasks. Please do not worry.
I apologize for inconvenience caused. I would pick-up the speed soon and give you the best from my best side.
Thanks and Regards,


I thought a lot for our projects. I would share with you my plan as per my understanding so far. In the plan, I would give you my short term and long term planning.
Please give me one more day, I would like to take responsibilities, initiatives and execution for most of the expected objectives.

I would like to become a techno-managerial professional like you.

Akce :
As I am responsible for this, I ensure you that we will be in comfortable situation soon even though we have limited offshore resource this time

Could you send me the command you are running? It is fine to see the log, but without knowing what you are doing it is impossible for me to help you. I am wondering you though I might help you with such small information. Do you think i am a wizard?

We are very much thankful to you. You helped us a lot many time.
I wish you all the best for great and pleasent life ahead.

Rashmit had shown me your picture, you have an exceptional personality. You looks like an artist like poet or painter.

I hope, our life again will give us an opportunity to work together.

ALL THE BEST..................TAKE CARE..................

Do you also spell your name as VASEK? which name do you like? please let me know, if you dont mind.

I think Benes has only Benes name, right?


Ja to nějak ojebu .... chvilka zamyšlení ..... ku prospěchu všech

... to be continued ...

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